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Denise Justice Fine Art

 "Ya Don't Say" Purple Cows of Ireland. This paintings was inspired by local cows residing in Ireland. In what appears to be light hearted chat among neighboring farm animals, the mother cow with calfs seems relaxed and enjoys listening. Complimentary colors were implemented creating a quiet harmony... A fun and feel good painting by Denise Justice.  Giclee' on paper & canvas (limited edition of 25) and prints (smaller size - open edition) available. Original NA.

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Golden Crowned African Crane

This beautiful African bird has a striking golden crown. This Original Painting is 24" x 48" on canvas, enhanced with gold paint. Like so many of our beloved creatures, due to the environment and drought, verges on extinction. Created by Denise Justice. Limited edition prints available.


Angelika was painted by Denise before a live dinner audience. This lovely painting is 48" x 60" on canvas. One of a kind.